‘Alan from Advanced foam & Coating is someone I have used and recommended throughout the years of trading in business’ Frank Sellars, Managing Director, Austruck Truck Bodies, Seaford, Vic

When it comes to Spray Foam Insulation and Coating services there’s no one better throughout Australia than Allan Werry and the team at Advanced Foam & Coating.

But don’t take their word for it – they’ve got lots of happy customers who go back to them again and again. Click on the two letters below to view two of them. There are more testimonials below the letters.

Austruck testimonial - Spray Foam InsulationSpray Foam Insulation Testimonial

Hi Allan

Many thanks again for the marvelous job last Thurs – the highlight of my year to date because it has now proved transforming as you assured me it would.  Day one on Fri was very reinforcing for me, as the day was cold, and I had the split air con on for breakfast from habit. [spacer]

Then I decided to turn it off mid morning to test the house’s new capacity for retaining some sort of warmth… well, once the indoor temp hit 17 degs – quite comfortable for me with my appropriate dressing – it literally just stayed sitting on that till well on dark, when it dropped down to 16!!

Wow… at this rate I look forward to saving a measurable amount on my past heating bills for winter.

This has been very rewarding to be assured of these temps when it’s 12 degs outside. In the past my house would be virtually the same temp as outside, without any heating on.. I am thrilled… use what you like of this as a quote because I am so glad I finally found out about this system, and am already passing the word on to people who have suitable houses which would benefit from your treatment.

I can see with the less porous nature of the polyurethane foam that it has a greater potential to be less permeable than the polystyrene foam which anyone can see is more porous and therefore capable of letting through more weather…. For someone who works from home office in a little room with windows on 3 sides I never dreamed I would have such a good outcome.

If and when the sequencing of my next building plans becomes workable I will definitely look forward to you treating the roof in the same way, especially considering that the cathedral ceiling affords such a shallow cavity that disallows a very high rating of any batt to be employed, whereas your 2 inch foam will work a treat I’m sure…. I have this to look forward to.

Many thanks, Zoe Rethers, Phillip Island

Hi Al, just a quick note to again say thanks for the job you did ‘encasing’ the inside of my rickety old shed to begin its transformation to a home studio. The immediate effect on the structural strength of the building and the airtight nature of the product had to be seen to be believed! I’ve already recommended you to several friends for similar projects and will continue to do so
kind regards, Tim Ayris

Advanced foam & Coating is someone I have used and recommended throughout the years of trading in business. I have been in the truck body building business all my life and have owned my own for 25 years.

Alan is reliable and the quality of work is never doubted, he urethane’s our truck floors and injection of tubing. We have never experienced any problems with shrinkage or any loss of foam from under the truck floors.

We highly recommend Alan and his team.
Frank Sellars, Managing Director, AUSTRUCK

‘Old Oak Orchards have been using Advanced Foam & Coatings Pty Ltd since 1991 for a
total of eleven cool rooms in our packing shed to date.

Advanced Foam & Coating Pty Ltd provides prompt and reliable service and have years
of experience conducting business in a professional manner.

At Old Oak Orchards our cool rooms are still functioning in good condition after more than 10 years due to quality workmanship using high quality Polyurethane Foam which maintains complete seal, has the highest quality energy rating, resulting in significantly reduced running costs for our

Old Oak Orchards highly recommend the use of Polyurethane Foam and the professionalism of Advanced Foam & Coatings Pty Ltd.’ Gavin & Andrew Corbett, Directors, Old Oak Orchards

‘We have engaged the services of Advanced Foam Coatings on many occasions over the
past 20 years for repairs, insurance work and construction of new cool rooms.
Alan and the team have always been very professional, knowledgeable, and competitive in
their pricing and produced quality workmanship every time.
We would not hesitate to recommend them.’
Bonview Orchards Pty Ltd, 373 Brown Road Officer, Vic, 3809